Frequent questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received my purchase confirmation

The confirmation of your purchase is sent between 24/48h to the email address you provided. Be sure to check your Spam, Junk, or Other folders in your email as it may have ended up there. If you can't find it, just let us know your full name and contact phone number through any of our customer service channels, and we will look into it together.

Why does the confirmation go to the Spam, Junk, or Other folders?

Your email security filters out emails you frequently communicate with from new ones, which often get sent to these reference folders. You can add us as a contact or simply check to ensure our responses arrive in your main inbox.

How do I know if my size is correct?

Since our sizes are international, they may differ from what you are used to in your country. Please refer to our size guide located at the bottom of each page. Remember, if the footwear doesn't fit, just notify us so we can make the appropriate exchange.

I have received my order number. What do I do next?

Once you have received your order number, simply wait for our email with the tracking number so you can check the status of your order. Note that the generation of the tracking number is automatic, and when you receive it, the postal system may not yet be updated. We ask you to check again within the next 5 business days.

I received my tracking number, but there's no information, or it appears as non-existent or lost.

As indicated in point 3, you received your tracking number, which was generated automatically, so it might not yet be updated on the official platform. We recommend checking tracking platforms to monitor its movement. We suggest starting the tracking in the following business days.

Which service do you use to ship my orders?

We ship via Correos. If you want to track your order number, you can do so at  In your first search, it may show information like "pending deposit," "pre-registered," or others. Don't worry; this is default information at the time of creation. More detailed delivery information and estimates will be available in the following business days.

Why haven't I received my order?

If we have confirmed your order number and tracking number, it means your order is in progress, and we are adhering to the established timelines. If you have any doubts, you can read our shipping section and more at  . If we are beyond the established deadlines, don't hesitate to let us know your concern with your order number at